GOeureka X Instaraise

We have great news for the Instaraise community and the broader crypto ecosystem. Instraise and GOeureka have joined hands as we facilitate their IDO public sale, as part of our focus on bringing promising projects to Tezos.

GOeureka is a blockchain-powered travel tech company building B2B and B2C solutions for the travel sector. With their vision to disrupt the hospitality and property sector that prioritizes commissions over user and supplier convenience, the GOeureka team plans to operate on an unbiased and transparent business model where all hotels are treated equally. The result? Driving down cost efficiencies for travelers by creating a platform that runs on a fixed commission structure of 5%, and delivering additional member benefits through the use of their native GOT token.

“Instaraise is created by talented individuals with a focus on bringing promising projects to Tezos,” says Manjan Rai, founder & CEO, GOeurka. “Being one of the first launchpads on Tezos, we are grateful that Instaraise was able to accommodate our requests at such short notice and we look forward to the launch of our token sale on their platform.”

“This partnership is crucial to us because it will enable us to extend awareness of our project to the Tezos community by being hosted on one of the first launchpads on Tezos,” he adds.

With a successful token sale in 2018, the GOeureka team will formally launch their platform in July 2021. With their deep understanding of market dynamics, backed by a talented pool of blockchain consultants and management advisors from hotel and consultancy industries, the GOeureka team is set to scale astonishing heights. It’s why we approached them and post a detailed conversation about our launchpad, the GOeureka team was all set to partner with us and generate awareness about their model amongst the Tezos community.

At Instaraise, we’re happy to be along for the ride!

About Instaraise

Instaraise is the first decentralized IDO Platform on Tezos, intending to empower projects through token distribution via auctions. Essentially, Instaraise is a platform that allows projects to raise funds in a decentralized and interoperable environment. By establishing a swap pool based on a fixed token purchase rate, capital can be successfully raised through Instaraise. For token sale investors, these so-called “Fixed Swap Pools” provide significant advantages over traditional fundraising models such as ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings). The Fixed Swap Pools ensure that the token price remains constant during the sale until the entire original supply has been purchased.

Thanks to Instaraise, projects can raise and exchange capital immediately and at lower rates, and users can be confident that they are participating in a secure and compliant environment.

To learn more about Instaraise and GOeurka for this exciting new venture, check us out on our website or follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram.




First-ever Decentralised IDO Platform on Tezos empowering projects by distributing tokens via auctions.

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First-ever Decentralised IDO Platform on Tezos empowering projects by distributing tokens via auctions.

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