How to enter the Instaraise community Presale

Community Presale event is about to start, here’s how anyone who have whitelisted themselves or participated in GOeureka sale can enter.

To begin go to this page : to enter the sale

Connect your wallet from the top right corner

Select the address you have used for whitelisting or have used earlier to participate in the GOeureka sale (Addresses which have been used in GOeureka sale will automatically be whitelisted and eligible for discount)

In the description you can check if the address is whitelisted or not

If you are eligible for Discount, a Banner will pop-up in the top saying you have a discounted price!

Click on “Invest in pool” to purchase token

Enter the amount of Tezos you want to trade for $INSTA token

Click “Confirm” to execute your order

The Discount will be automatically implemented :)

And that’s it, you have successfully acquired $INSTA tokens!

The only way to participate in the sale is by holding XTZ in your whitelisted address. You have to keep your wallet address ready and loaded.
You can use Temple wallet or any wallet supported by Baecon SDK ( like Kukai Galleon etc )


In this sale you’ll be getting the allocation but you’ll get the tokens in two terms : In the first term 50% of the token will be unlocked at TGE and on the next term another 50% unlock after 45 days after the TGE event.

TGE Event will be announced soon :)

To learn more about Instaraise visit our Website and our docs (

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