Instaraise enters into a strategic partnership with FlameDeFi to bring DeFi opportunities

Instaraise is thrilled to announce the Strategic Partnership with Flame DeFi to bring the capability of SpaceFarm 🛸

Instaraise today is one step closer to its mission of making Incubation full-fledged by tapping into DeFi ecosystem to create Farms and much more. With the addition of Instaraise to the ranks of Flame, this partnership will evoke a massive revolution in the DeFi space. This strategic partnership will be instrumental in driving Yield Farms to mainstream adoption for upcoming projects that we list.

Instaraise being an Incubation and Fundraising Platform in the Tezos ecosystem, targets to bring more and more quality projects for the ecosystem. Not only that our IDO model makes the facilitation way much Secure and trustless. ⚡️

Bringing SpaceFarm capabilities to Instaraise Platform🛸

With the extensive momentum of DeFi and Yield Primitives in the Tezos ecosystem, there is an urgent need for setting up advance Farms and Staking pools on tezos ecosystem.

With the introduction of SpaceFarm, we will be leveraging a greater audience for the new projects we support.

Therefore, along with decentralized fundraising and incubation for projects, Instaraise will also simplify tracking the best yield opportunities for the users and provide seamless participation in them!

This integration aims at efficiently utilizing Space farms to include liquidity farm pool on our IDO platform. By collaborating with Flame DeFi, we will be launching Flame DEX and its impressive tools on our platform which will be a great add-on to the services that Instaraise provides to the projects and its users.

Another major addition that we will be coming up with is governance and council mechanisms that will be used for fair decision making in the platform and help the Supporters to earn Rewards as well as high Yields.

More details will be wrapped out as we will be reaching closer to farming. Much more information is yet to come including Insta governance token.

About Flame DeFi :

FlameDefi is a project based on the Tezos blockchain that combines:

- Yield farming (SpaceFarm) ✅
- Decentralized Exchange (FlameDEX) ⏳
- NFT & Gaming (SpaceFarmer) ✅

Their goal is to become the biggest DEX in Tezos and be the first with API to connect Tezos DeFi to the world.

The flame DeFi project was launch in April 2021, at the very beginning of Tezos DeFi. Working on a Play2Earn game connected with our SpaceFarmer NFT project for Q1 2022

About Instaraise :

Instaraise is a completely decentralized fundraising and Incubation platform. We aim to empower projects with fundraising ability while developing loyal users, at the same time, allowing retailer investors and potential users to access early investment deals. 💰

We are here with an all-round support for the projects from Private Fundraising to IDO.

We define the Project ➡️ Product Journey!

Brought innovation in the IDO Launchpad with a more Trustless and Secure method of facilitation.
With Automated Liquidity Locking and Transparency in the Locks! Bringing more and more trust for the investors to come on board with us. 💪

Even with the marketing front we support the project on-demand with our expertise and reach in the Tezos Community.

Connect with us.

Connect with Flame Defi.


Telegram Channel:




First-ever Decentralised IDO Platform on Tezos empowering projects by distributing tokens via auctions.

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First-ever Decentralised IDO Platform on Tezos empowering projects by distributing tokens via auctions.

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